Readme 4.0 - 4.1 EN

At the moment our package does not require any changes in startup parameters, so the installation is really trivial :)

1. Edit the file "server.cfg" and set in it hostname, sv_password, rcon_password and sv_setsteamaccount as you need to add in file.

2. Upload files from the package to the "csgo" directory on the server.

3. Enjoy a well-configured server for the Competitive game :)

How to disable GOTV:

Edit the file "gotv.cfg" and change the value tv_enable from 1 to 0 after that restart the server and GOTV will be disabled

How to disable the bots permanently:

Add to the startup commands -nobots and get rid of the bots ;-) (WARNING!!! This start command causes the enemy radar to be seen through a smoke grenade)

The list of commands can be found HERE

If you have problems installing invite you to discuss the group steam or directly via the contact form on the page contact

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